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Jolien De Buyser was born in Bruges, Belgium in 1997 and graduated as a professional photographer at the Narafi arts institute Brussels in 2019. She is largely inspired by her most individual experiences. In this very sense she loves provoking the fragile line between her intensely personal feelings and emotional openness in any dense moment of her life. Consequently her photos often depict unanswered and mostly unanswerable riddles and enigmatic stories that leave beginning and end to the beholder’s imagination.


Born 1997, Bruges.
Based in Brussels, Belgium.


Bachelor of photography, Narafi, Brussels.



2022. Collective exhibition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Barcelona, E
2022. JustWomen, Paris, FR

2021. Gallery 22, Damme, BE

2021. F.ART collectif, Antwerpen, BE

2021. Biënnale photo Oostende, BE

2021. FRESH EYES collective exhibition, Rotterdam, NL

2021. Gallery 22, Damme, BE

2019. Graduation Show, Brussel - BE



2021. Fresh Eyes Photo


2022. Fine Art Photography Awards - Nominee in Fine Art

2021. New York Photography Awards - Open Theme - 2nd
2021. 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award - Honourable Mention

2021. Fresh Eyes Photo European Talent
2021. Siena Awards - Short listed

2020. Fine Art Photography Awards - Nominee in Fine Art

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